Zildjian A Custom 21″ 20th Anniversary Ride

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Zildjian A Custom 21″ 20th Anniversary Ride


Zildjian A Custom 21” 20th Anniversary Ride Cymbal

Zildjian introduce their 20th Anniversary A Custom Series cymbal line to Drum Shop and this is a super special not so little cymbal. 21″ in size, this ride cymbal from the guys at Zildjian is beyond versatile meaning it can work across a range of musical genres as well as settings. A symmetrical hammering technique is used and like all A Custom cymbals it is individually cast and cooled, the Zildjian A Custom cymbals are forged using cast bronze. The cymbal is heated, rolled, hammered and lathed and the cast bronze creates the full, rich sound that makes this anniversary cymbal ooze the striking brilliant finish we know and love. Projection and clarity is obvious with this cymbal, not only that this ride cymbal has a good stick definition and a substantial amount of bright, colourful tones.

A fantastic cymbal that has been developed for Zildjian’s 20th anniversary, which is not too dark, not too bright, but a cymbal that like it’s brothers and sisters within the A Custom series is perfectly;y suited to the modern music of the 21st century! 


  • Medium Thin Weight
  • Good stick definition
  • Brilliant Finish
  • Long sustain
  • Bright/mid sound
  • Cast bronze
  • Loud volume
  • Symmetrical hammering technique
  • 20th Anniversary Cymbal Line


    • 21”


    • A20822

    Zildjian A Custom 21" 20th Anniversary Ride