Washing Machine Cleaner Pods


Washing Machine Cleaner Pods


A revolutionary new way to clean your washing machine.

Each pod is packed with highly concentrated mineral-based ingredients and are formulated to remove deposits & residue, remove built-up odors leaving the machine fresh & clean.  100% American Made!  Ingredients are sourced right here in the US.  Made without chlorine, phosphates, masking agents, or dyes.


*Naturally Cleans Washing Machine

*Removes odors

*Removes deposits and Residue

Cruelty-Free, Certified by Leaping Bunny

5 pods per pouch



Please remove any items from inside washing machine.  Add one pod to empty washing machine drum. Select “normal” cycle and hot temperature setting.    Tackle existing odors & visible residue – Use one pod/week for three consecutive weeks using the instructions above.  Follow with monthly maintenance as described below.  Regular machine maintenance – Use one pod/month.  To prevent odors from building up, leave washing machine door open after each use.



Sodium carbonate peroxide, sodium carbonate, polyvinyl alcohol


BONUS: These can also be used to clean your dishwasher! Follow the same directions you would with a washing machine. 

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Fragrance Free


1 Pack, 2 Pack, 3 Pack (Year Supply)

Washing Machine Cleaner Pods

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