Sonor Vintage 13″ x 8″ Tom in Vintage Pearl Finish


Sonor Vintage 13″ x 8″ Tom in Vintage Pearl Finish


Sonor Vintage Series 13″ x 8″ Tom 

The Sonor Vintage has been designed and crafted with the aim of recreating the classic Sonor sound that everyone loves. The Vintage series is modelled after the classic Sonor Teardrop Kit, it even features teardrop lugs, superprofil hoops and a 9-ply 6mm shell which has been crafted from premium German beech wood. Sonor has modernised the features to keep them up to date with todays standard of modern playing by integrating the lugs with the patented TuneSafe system which provides maximum tuning stability and the Superprofil hoops have been redesigned by Sonor to feature a 2.3mm triple flanged steel hoop while still maintaining their original shape. 

The shell produces an incredible sound of pronounced mids and highs with a great low-end punch. The shell also features rounded bearing edges which allow you to get more contact with the head, this creates a shorter and beefier sound.  


  • Sonor Vintage Series
  • Hand Selected German Beech Shell
  • Rounded Bearing Edge
  • Superprofil Hoops
  • 9-ply / 6mm Cross Laminated Tension Free (CLTF)
  • Classic Vintage Bass Drum Claws
  • TuneSafe Lugs
  • Chrome Plated Hardware


  • 15933829


Sonor Vintage 13" x 8" Tom in Vintage Pearl Finish