(Single) Mini Hugging Hoop 6mm


(Single) Mini Hugging Hoop 6mm


Minimal perfect endless tiny single hugging hoop earring. Super lightweight and easy to wear. Give them a gentle twist to wear and in they go! More details at the bottom to find out how to wear our all time’s bestsellers.

One piece but many ways to wear on! Suitable for Lobe, Helix, Rook, Daith, Tragus, Snug, Nostril.


925 Sterling Silver. Nickel free. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Quantity & Measurement

Single hoop ring (1 piece)

Inner diameter: 6mm

Outer diameter: 8mm

Gauge 20 or 0.9mm

Twist closure

Silver : 925 Sterling Silver.

Gold : 18 Karat gold over eco brass

Rose Gold : 18 Karat rose gold over eco brass

How to Wear

Twist and pull gently in opposite directions, moving one end up, and the other down, so the hoop will keep its shape.

Additional information


Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

(Single) Mini Hugging Hoop 6mm

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