RTOM 12″ Black Hole Practice Pad

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RTOM 12″ Black Hole Practice Pad


RTOM Black Hole 12″ Practice Pad

Founded in 1992, RTOM Corporation have practicing in their blood, they create and deliver practicing essentials that you would be silly to not have within your drumming essentials. RTOM introduce the Black Hole Series of practice pads which if we do say so are incredibly realistic and super easy to use.

The snap on, snap off practice pad from RTOM easily clips onto your existing drum even with the drum head on, it mirrors the exact sound of your drum perfectly, capturing the same tone and sustain but with the added benefit of only outputting 20% of the original sound made by your drum. The durable, tuneable mesh head has been built to last, meaning you will get years out of this pad without the worry of having to replace it any time soon. The single point tuning system of the mesh head is fully adjustable so you can alter the tension of the mesh with one movement, giving you the opportunity to replicate your drums tuning or loosen/tighten to suit your requirements.


  • Low volume practice pad, reduces volume by 80%
  • Quick and easy to use and remove
  • Easily snaps onto your existing drum
  • Incredibly realistic
  • Tuneable mesh head
  • Durable mesh head
  • Single point tuning system
  • Includes 1x RTOM 12″ Black Hole Practice Pad
  • Other sizes are available (10″-24″)


  • 12″



A super informative video from RTOM, shows you how they really sound!  

RTOM 12" Black Hole Practice Pad