Protection Racket 10″ x 9″ Power Tom Case


Protection Racket 10″ x 9″ Power Tom Case


Protection Racket 10″ x 9″ Power Tom Case

Protection Racket have recently celebrated their 20th anniversary, so it’s clear they’re a well trusted brand loved by many musicians around the world! Protection Racket are based in Cornwall, UK and actually started out by making bags and cases to protect fragile surfboard and windsurf boards. As the company grew, they branched out into the music industry and we’re certainly glad they did as Protection Racket make the highest quality, coolest looking drum cases around… Simple!Each Protection Racket case features unbreakable zips, at least one comfortable carrying handle, durable material design and cool silicone logo badges. These cases do their job by protecting your drums and cymbals and giving you peace of mind. They even come complete with a fleece lining to keep your precious instruments snug whilst in the back of your car/van or stored in a cold garage!Not sure what size you need? Give us a call on 0191 418 7113 and we’ll be happy to help!


  • Light Weight
  • Fitted with Pro-Grip side handles
  • Fleece lining

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Protection Racket 10" x 9" Power Tom Case

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