Mega Premium Masterline DRAGON BALL SUPER Golden Frieza

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Mega Premium Masterline DRAGON BALL SUPER Golden Frieza



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    “I must express my pride in this remarkable golden transformation. It appears you have the privilege of being the first to witness it!”

    Prime 1 Studio and MegaHouse join forces with great pride to unveil the highly anticipated addition to their Premium Masterline Series – the 1:4 scale MPMDBZ-04 Golden Frieza, a truly iconic antagonist from Dragon Ball Super!

    As the Emperor of the formidable Frost Demons, also known as Frieza’s Race, he harbors an unquenchable thirst for control and dominance, tirelessly seeking to conquer planets and exploit their resources. Throughout the universe, Frieza has earned a notorious reputation for his cruelty, ruthlessness, and overwhelming power. His ruthless actions include the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the home planet of Goku and Vegeta, driven by fear of the Saiyan race’s burgeoning strength and their potential threat to his reign.

    After his defeat on Namek at the hands of Super Saiyan Goku, Frieza was rescued and rebuilt by his father, receiving cybernetic enhancements. However, unsatisfied with his enhanced state, he yearned for more power and strength. Engaging in intense mental and physical training, Frieza pushed his limits to new extremes. Through sheer determination, he achieved a formidable transformation known as “Golden Frieza.”


    Product Features

    • 24 inches tall (61cm)
    • 1/4 Scale
    • Made of polystone and other materials
    • Based on the Dragon Ball Super anime
    • Part of the Mega Premium Masterline series
    • Highly detailed
    • Limited edition of 150 pieces
    • Manufacturer: Megahouse

    Box Contents

    • Golden Frieza statue

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    Pre Order Price, (PH BUYERS ONLY) Deposit, (PH BUYERS ONLY) Installment: ₱15680 every month end for 5 mos.

    Mega Premium Masterline DRAGON BALL SUPER Golden Frieza

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