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Unwind with this hand-rolled incense, designed to capture the tranquility of Wicklow, the garden of Ireland. Expertly blended to match it’s most sacred & scenic sites, allow yourself to be enveloped in the serene atmosphere.

As Glendalough is the spiritual home of Wicklow, this is the perfect scent to reconnect with our roots. Nag Champa purifies any environment and is most often used in temples and places of worship, with a familiar aroma of sandalwood and frangipani.

The Sugarloaf Mountain is surrounded by blissful fields of lavender, with an aroma that warms and relaxes and can help you slip into a peaceful slumber.

Lough Ouler, is a heart-shaped lake nestled in Tonelagee mountain. This incense combines Sandalwood and Rose for a perfectly balanced fragrance to bring you to the heart of nature.

Simply ignite the tip, gently extinguish the flame and enjoy a fragrant scent that envelops the senses. Never leave burning incense unattended. Each pack contains 10 sticks, 8″ long, burning for up to 40 minutes for a total of 6 hours of aromatic bliss. No chemicals, just a pure, calming ambiance.

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Glendalough, The Sugarloaf, Lough Ouler


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