Dream Bliss Series Hi-Hat Cymbals 15″

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Dream Bliss Series Hi-Hat Cymbals 15″


Dream Bliss 15″ Hi Hat Cymbals

The Bliss Series from Dream pride themselves on the hand rendered techniques used in every cymbal. Individuality and craftsmanship are embedded into each Dream cymbal using hand forging and hammering. The series is full of shimmer and the artistry within each individual cymbal speaks for itself. Exceptional resilience synonymous with the Dream brand is at the forefront of this series. The Bliss Series comes alive at the slightest touch, a cymbal that can’t wait to be heard. 

The Bliss 15″ Hi Hat Cymbals are deep and warm and are extremely responsive for their size. The 15″ hi hats have a chunkier chick sound but still retain crisp foot chicks and splashy foot sounds. Extremely articulate and dynamic, these cymbals can be played with ease.


  • Surface: Micro-lathed by hand
  • Bow: Low gentle bridge
  • Bell: Small, articulate, clear
  • Weight: Thin tapers towards edge
  • Hammering: Hand hammered (both before and after lathing)
  • Stick: Woody round attack


  • 15″ Hi Hat Cymbals



Dream Bliss Series Hi-Hat Cymbals 15"