4g Titanium Captive Bead Ring


4g Titanium Captive Bead Ring


The 4 gauge captive bead ring is made from high polish grade 23 titanium (Ti 6Al-4V ELI ASTM F136). We’re currently offering these in the high polish (silver) finish only. Choose your size below.

* Captive rings sized 12 gauge or larger may require a pair of ring opening pliers to assist with bead removal and replacement.

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4g (5mm) – 15/32" dia (12mm) – 6mm bead, 4g (5mm) – 9/16" dia (14mm) – 6mm bead, 4g (5mm) – 5/8" dia (16mm) – 6mm bead, 4g (5mm) – 11/16" dia (18mm) – 8mm bead, 4g (5mm) – 13/16" dia (20mm) – 8mm bead, 4g (5mm) – 7/8" dia (22mm) – 8mm bead, 4g (5mm) – 15/16" dia (24mm) – 10mm bead


High Polish (silver)

4g Titanium Captive Bead Ring

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